Welcome to the 2015/16 Season!

Hello NorCal Premier Coaches, Parents, and Players,

The core values for NorCal Premier Soccer state:

We believe the primary focus of soccer coaches, teams and clubs should be the development of children as people first and players second.

Clearly playing soccer is not only about soccer, especially at the youth level, rather it presents a chance for parents to choose a healthy physical activity for their children; one that encompasses the life lessons of competition: team work, dealing with winning and losing, and hard work and determination.  All of these help shape young children into healthy young adults – physically, emotionally and psychologically.

This year, players will spend countless hours playing soccer within your club - they will train, play games, attend team functions and go to tournaments.  They will gather to compete against each other as well as outside opponents, and inevitably, referees, coaches and players alike will make errors. Knowing this, it is vital that adults provide the positive example of how to deal with all of the issues we know arise from competing in our wonderful sport.

Our goal at NorCal is to provide a positive, healthy, competitive environment in order to assist you in nurturing your players as they grow and mature. There is no benefit to your club’s efforts if you produce players who do not know how to conduct themselves as successful human beings.

All adults are expected to be positive role models and display appropriate behavior. They must fully understand that we deal in an important way with young people and we cannot overlook the impact we have on their lives. All are responsible for the conduct of the team on and off the field.

Adults should conduct themselves first as teachers, understanding that kids model their behavior off of the adults around them. And they should keep things in perspective – after all it’s only a game!

“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it.”

  • Knute Rockne


Thank you very much and good luck!!

Benjamin Ziemer


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