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NorCal has made changes to the Send Off and Incident Reporting for all NorCal Premier Soccer events.  Please use the following link in order to do a Send Off Report, Incident Report, Verification of Suspension Served, or check the Status of a player Suspension.

Coach and Player Discipline Procedures

NorCal Premier Sportsmanship and Disciplinary Procedures:

Official Rosters:  

- Team Rosters must be printed on game card. 

- If a name is accidently left off the roster then the club may add the player electronically (via smartphone, etc.).  If the player is added electronically before the match the referee may write the player on the official game card only after viewing the official electronic game card. 

- A player pass must match the players name on the game card. 

- Any player that is crossed off on the game card is ineligible for the match as they are sitting out a Red Card Suspension.   


Sportsmanship Structure:

- NorCal Premier will be tracking Club, Team and individual issues. 

- Through this system we will be able to give sportsmanship ratings to Clubs and Teams when incidents do occur. 

- NorCal has the capacity to review the history of issues given to a particular individual, team and rate each Club from year to year. 



- The referee must submit a Send-off report within 24 hours of a Red Card being issued. 

- It is the responsibility of the home club to make sure referees are reporting all Red Cards. 

- The NorCal PAD Committee will penalize clubs with referees not submitting Red Cards.  



- Suspensions for Send-offs will be posted on Thursday afternoon.  It is the responsibility of teams to check the suspension list before playing the upcoming weekends matches. 

- Players receiving a Red Card should not play in any other games on that weekend unless NorCal PAD gives approval. 

- If a Send-off is not reported then it will be an automatic 1 game suspension.  

- If NorCal PAD finds out that a player or coach is not serving a suspension (whether posted online or not) the team will be punished the same as using an illegal player.  This would result in a forfeit of that match and a possible 1-year suspension for the coach. 

- Players and Coaches must serve their suspension immediately regardless of the event.  So a Red Card received in State Cup will be served in the next match even if it is a NorCal league match.  A Red Card received in a NorCal league match will be served in the next match even if the next match is a State Cup match.

- Coaches must sit their suspension with the team they receive the Red Card with.  For example, if a coach is the Head Coach for Team A and Team B but receives Red Card with Team A the coach cannot sit out the suspension with Team B.  


Verification Forms: 

- Before a player is return to play a verification form must be emailed to 

- This form needs to be signed by your opponent and the referee. 

- The player does not need to attend any matches they are suspended.


Incident Reports:

- An incident report should be submitted for any NorCal Ethics violation, unusual game day events, severe injuries, and for anything else that occurs at a match that is out of the ordinary.

- When submitting an incident report, the NorCal PAD committee will pass on the report and any additional evidence to the accused club.  The accused club will have a chance to respond to any allegations.

- The Pad Chair person ( will investigate all allegations.

- This information is given to the PAD committee for discussion and ruling.

- Teams and Clubs that have multiple proven complaints against them will be placed on probation, suspended, and eventually kicked out of the league.

- Severe incidents will be passed on to the NorCal BOD and US Club to investigate further.


Incident Report Rulings: 

- Incidents will be ruled on once the PAD feels that enough information has been presented to make a decision. 

- Once the PAD makes a ruling the incident ruling will be posted online. 

- It is the clubs responsibility to make sure that suspensions are fulfilled.


Send-off Suspension or Incident Report Ruling Appeal: 

- Please send email to to appeal a PAD decision. 

- Once an appeal is received the PAD will take one more look at the decision and then pass the information on to the NorCal BOD to make a final decision. There is a $150 non-refundable fee for a PAD appeal.

- Please allow up to 2 weeks for the NorCal BOD to make a final ruling on the original PAD decision.

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